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Admin Section

How To Install Binary MLM Woocommerce : 

  1. Unzip the and place it in your WordPress directory- your_wordpress_directory/wp-content/plugins paste  here.
  2. Log in to your  WordPress admin and go to plugins and click on activate button of Binary MLM Woocommerce plugin.
Binary MLM Ecommerce


  1. Click on Binary MLM Woocommerce in sidebar and create a first user for starting the network.

General Settings

Licence Key: This is key that is used for the validating licence of the product. when the product is purchased online then new order have the licenece key.

Registration Users to Binary MLM During Checkout:  This option is used at the checkout page when the new user is being register.
There are three options to register a new member in the MLM network.
1. Using Binary MLM woocommerce registration Page 
2. During checkout the new user may register if the user choose the MLM registration Option.
3. If the User is exist in the wordpress website then he can also register in the binary mlm woocommerce network using the Join Network page that is created when we install the binary mlm woocommerce plugin.

Mapping Setting

Order Completion Status: This option is used based on order status o woocommerce. when the order sttaus of the new order will map with this order then some binary mlm woocommerce operations will be perform in Binary MLM woocommerce.

Eligibility Settings

Minimum Personal Point Value: This is point value or the business value that should be minimum according to this setting for the self. means user needs to purchase the  product of minimum this setting point value..
Total Direct Referrals: The new user will be eligible to ge the commission based on Total Direct referrals according to this setting. while the direct referral will not be according to this setting the user will not be able to get any type of commission.
Left & Right ration of Direct Referrals: This ration also used for the eligibility. how many direct referrals should be in left and how many direct referrals should be in right.

Payout Settings

Initial pair Ratio: This is the Pair based on the left and right Point Value  of the user. it is used to create the pair or unit. So as the sale will be increase on left and right of the user the units will be also increase.

Initial Units Amount:  This is amount per unit for some specified units as given in the above image.

Further Unit Amount: This is Amount after some specified units. 
I.e. if in a mlm network, for 1-n number of units company wants to give some amount that is called Initial unit amount and after n number of units company wants to distribute amount that is called Further unit amount.

Affiliate Commission: This is commission in % of the purchased amount to give the sponsor of the new user register. this amount can be transfer when the order status has been set as given in mapping setting in our plugin.

Service Charges: This is fixed amount  that will be deduct if the payout is running in the system.

TDS: This is % deduction on the total amount of the payout.

Cap Limit Amount: This is maximum  amount for the user that can have in all totals payouts for a user.

Bonus Settings

Bonus Commission:  Bonus Commission works based on units. Based on units the amount is decided in the bonus. so as the 2 units user get then when we will go for the bonus calculations, the user also will get the 200 amount.

Rank Label

Level Rank: This is setting where based on the Units the Rank of the user decided and the Points also assigned to that user

Generate Epin Settings

ePin Type: There are two ePin Types. Paid and Free.

ePin Length: This is Length of the ePin. we can choose any length when we create ePins.

No. of ePins: How many ePins you need to create. More ePins also can be generated later if admin wants

Select Product: This is products selection for that product you need to create ePin.

Admin Genealogy

This is genealogy that is showed in the admin section of the Binary MLM Woocommerce. The admin can not add any User in the Network.

Product Points

This Section have the list of total Products of the woocommerce and admin needs to update the product point value of the product. any product point value can be assigned to the product.

Payout & Reports

Distribut Points

Let we check this section based on calculations:
The User1 have the Left Points: 2200 and Right Points: 2200 and Own points: 2150
Current Points: 
Left: 2200

Debit Points:
Right: 2160

Balance Points:
Own: 2150

So the units ration in the payout settings is give 60 points in left and 60 points in right then 1 unit will be count.
So if we consider 2160/60=36 units has been calculated here as showing in the image.

Final Click on the button “Distribute Point Value in The Network”


Distribute Money

Here in the above image showing what is the calculations of the amount

Initial Units: 2
Per initial Unit amount: 1000
Further Unit Amount: 500

We have total 36 units So 
Total Commission=(2X100)+(34X500)=19000

Affiliate Commission: 400
because 4 is the direct downlines of the user1 and on each direct downline the 100 amount is consider. so this is total 400

Total Bonus: 750 (You need to check the Bonus settings as given in the settings for this)
For 2 direct referral: 200
As 3rd referral added: 250
As 4th referral Added: 300
So like this it is total= 750

Everything depend on your settings

TDS: In the Payout Settings TDS consider 2 % so (19000+400+750)=20150%2=403
Service Charge: It is fixed and in settings it is :100

Payable Amount: (20150-403-100)=19737


Finaly click on Distribute Money in the network to distribute the money



Member Info

Withdrawal Detail

Mail Settings

Mail Settings: These are the mail settings to customise the mail content based on requirements.
We have given these setting for the some places like when the new user is register in the network, Withdrawal request, Mail whne payout run for the commission

Mail Center

Mail Center: These settings are using to test the mail in our plugin. admin can send the mail to any body by this section.

Registration Fields

Registration Fields: Some extra specified fields can be added on the registration page by these settings

Reset BMW data

Epin List

Front End Section

Registration Page

Registration Page: 

If you will use the ePin in registration page. the new user will be paid automatically. Because you use the paid ePin in this one.
If you will not use the ePin then the new User will not be paid automatically.
When the new user will place order then the user will be marked paid.

Place Order:  Place the order by the Binary MLM Woocommerce Network User. Then The points will be distributes based on the products of the order. 
If the setting of the Minimum Personal Point Value is given in general settings is : 50 then
if user is placing the order of 2200 points then the Qualification Points 50 will be deducted from the 2200 points and then 2150 points will be remain as self.

I am taking some example like this

User1 is the root user. user1 purchase the 2200 points product then 50 points will be deducted for the qualification points as per settings. 2150 will be in self points.

user2 and user3 are in the left and right of user1 respectively.

if the both user purchase same product or whatever product, based on the product point value, if the self user does not have the qualification point then qualification point will be deducted from his points and remaining points will be set in the own points.

The total product points of that order will also will be assigned to the left and right side of the sponsored user based on the downliner position.


My Network Detail