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  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 11th Jun 2023

Affiliate MLM Software in different CMS ( Content management systems ) Platforms

Affiliate Plugins CMS - WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal & LearnPress

Affiliate marketing plugins for different content management systems (CMS) and frameworks, including Laravel, there are options available to suit your needs. However, it's worth mentioning that Laravel is a PHP framework and not a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Here are some popular affiliate marketing solutions for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, and Laravel:



  • AffiliateWP: This plugin provides robust affiliate management features, including tracking referrals, managing commissions, generating referral links, and detailed reporting.
  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates: This plugin is designed specifically for Amazon affiliates, enabling you to import and display Amazon products on your site, along with tracking affiliate sales.



  • Affiliate Manager: It offers a comprehensive affiliate management solution within OpenCart, including commission tracking, multi-level marketing, promotional tools, and payout management.
  • Affiliate Coupons: It allows you to create coupon codes for affiliates, track their usage, and provide commission-based incentives for referring customers.



  • Magento Affiliate Pro: This plugin provides an extensive range of affiliate marketing features, including commission tracking, referral link generation, banners, and advanced reporting.
  •  Affiliate MLM : It offers a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution with features like multi-level marketing, commission tiers, and detailed reporting for Magento stores.



  • Commerce Affiliate: This module integrates with Drupal Commerce and provides affiliate tracking, commission management, and referral link generation for affiliate marketers.
  • Affiliate: It allows you to create affiliate campaigns, track referrals, and manage commissions within Drupal websites.



  • Laravel Affiliate: This package provides a flexible affiliate marketing solution for Laravel applications, including tracking referrals, managing affiliates, and generating referral links. It offers customizable features to suit your specific requirements.


It's important to note that the availability and compatibility of specific affiliate marketing plugins may vary based on the CMS or framework version you are using. Therefore, it's recommended to research and evaluate the plugins or packages thoroughly based on your specific needs and the compatibility with your chosen platform.


Network Marketing Software

Network Marketing Software - MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Software Development Service is a specialized service that involves designing, developing, and implementing a software solution to manage and automate multi-level marketing businesses that operate in multiple languages or regions. MLM businesses, also known as network marketing or direct selling, involve selling products or services through a network of distributors or affiliates who earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of their downline.

Multi-language MLM software development service caters to MLM businesses that operate in different countries, regions, or language groups, where language diversity is a crucial factor. It typically includes features such as multi-language support, multi-currency support, and localization to ensure that the MLM software is capable of handling different languages, currencies, and cultural nuances of different markets.


Network Marketing Software - MLM Software Development Service

Multi-Language - MLM Software Development Service


Some of the key components of multi-language MLM software development service may include:

  • Multi-language support: The MLM software should be capable of supporting multiple languages, allowing users to switch between different languages based on their preferences or geographic locations.
  • Multi-currency support: The MLM software should be able to handle different currencies, including currency conversions and exchange rate calculations, to facilitate transactions and commissions in different markets.
  • Localization: The MLM software should be localized to different markets, taking into consideration the cultural nuances, legal requirements, and business practices of each market.
  • User management: The MLM software should have robust user management features, including registration, authentication, and authorization of distributors or affiliates in different languages.
  • Compensation plans: The MLM software should support various compensation plans, such as binary, matrix, unilevel, and others, in different languages, and accurately calculate commissions and bonuses based on the sales and performance of distributors or affiliates.
  • E-commerce integration: The MLM software should integrate with e-commerce platforms, allowing distributors or affiliates to manage their product inventory, track sales, and process orders in different languages.
  • Reporting and analytics: The MLM software should provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing business owners to monitor and analyze the performance of their MLM business in different markets.
  • Support and training: The MLM software development service may also include ongoing support and training to ensure that the software is properly implemented and used by distributors or affiliates in different languages.


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Build mlm eCommerce Website Using Most Popular CMS Platforms

CMS Platforms - WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Laravel, Drupal with eCommerce.

mlm eCommerce Website

Building an MLM eCommerce website using different CMS platforms, but I cannot provide you with specific details on how to implement them. Here are some insights into the other CMS platforms you mentioned:



Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that provides many features and functionalities, including MLM capabilities. Magento offers various MLM extensions and plugins that can be integrated with the platform to create an MLM eCommerce website.



WordPress is a widely used CMS platform that offers a range of eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce, which can be used to create an MLM eCommerce website. You can use a plugin like AffiliateWP to set up your MLM program.



OpenCart is another popular eCommerce platform that offers a range of MLM plugins and extensions. You can use a plugin like OpenCart Multi-Level Marketing to set up your MLM program.



Laravel is a PHP-based framework that can be used to build custom eCommerce solutions, including MLM eCommerce websites. Laravel provides a range of packages and libraries that can be used to create an MLM system.



Drupal is another CMS platform that can be used to create an MLM eCommerce website. You can use a plugin like Drupal MLM to set up your MLM program.


Build an MLM eCommerce website following the aspects

MLM Plan

You need to decide on an MLM plan that suits your business needs. There are various MLM plans, such as Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, and Stairstep Breakaway.


Payment Gateway

You need to integrate a payment gateway to accept payments from your customers. You can use popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree.


Product Catalog

You need to create a product catalog that showcases your products and services.


MLM Software

You need to use MLM software that allows you to manage your MLM program effectively.



You need to create an attractive and user-friendly design for your MLM eCommerce website.


In conclusion, building an MLM eCommerce website using different CMS platforms requires careful planning and execution. You can choose a CMS platform based on your business needs and budget and integrate it with the necessary plugins and extensions to set up your MLM program.


How to Create a Strong E-Commerce Marketing Strategy


Creating a strong e-commerce marketing strategy is essential for any online business looking to drive traffic, increase sales, and grow its customer base. Here are some steps you can take to create a strong e-commerce marketing strategy:


Define your target audience: Identify who your target customers are, what they need, what motivates them to make a purchase, and where they spend their time online.


Set your goals: Determine what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts, whether it’s increasing traffic to your site, boosting sales, or building brand awareness.


Develop your brand: Develop a strong brand identity that reflects your company’s values, personality, and mission. Use consistent branding across all of your marketing channels, including your website, social media profiles, and email marketing.


Optimize your website: Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Optimize your product pages for search engines, create clear and compelling product descriptions, and include high-quality images and videos.


Leverage social media: Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with your target audience and promote your products. Use paid social media advertising to reach a wider audience and track your results to see what works best.


Create compelling content: Use blog posts, videos, infographics, and other forms of content marketing to provide value to your target audience and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.


Use email marketing: Use email marketing to nurture leads and stay in touch with your customers. Create targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior, such as abandoned cart emails, upsell emails, and loyalty program emails.


Monitor and measure your results: Use analytics tools to track your website traffic, sales, and other key metrics. Use this data to refine your marketing strategy and make informed decisions about where to invest your time and resources.


By following these steps, you can create a strong e-commerce marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience, build your brand, and drive sales.


Custom CMS Design & Development Services


MLM (multi-level marketing) software platforms can be built on various content management systems (CMS) or frameworks such as Magento, Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel, and Woo-Commerce. Here's a brief overview of each platform and how they can be used for MLM software:

Custom CMS Design & Development Services

An MLM affiliate program is a type of compensation plan offered by some multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. In an MLM affiliate program, members are able to earn commissions by promoting the company's products or services and by recruiting new members to join the MLM.


Custom CMS Design & Development Services

Features of Multi-Level Marketing Software


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) software typically includes a number of features that are designed to support the unique needs of MLM businesses. Some common features include:


Member Management

This includes managing the various levels of the network, tracking member details, and keeping a record of member commission and bonuses.


Genealogy Tracking

The software should be able to keep track of the entire network hierarchy, including parent-child relationships and the levels of hierarchy between members.


Commission Management

The software should be able to calculate commissions and bonuses based on the rules and structures set by the MLM company.


E-commerce Integration

Many MLM companies sell products, so the software should be able to integrate with e-commerce platforms to manage product sales and orders.


Reports and Analytics

The software should provide reports and analytics that help MLM companies understand their business performance and make informed decisions.


Payment Processing

The software should be able to process payments from members and distribute commissions and bonuses to members.


Lead Management

The software should be able to manage leads, track their progress, and provide insights on lead conversion rates.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The software should have a CRM system that helps MLM companies manage relationships with members and prospects.


Marketing Automation

The software should have marketing automation tools that help MLM companies target and engage with members and prospects.


Mobile Application

Many MLM companies have a mobile app that members can use to access the software and manage their network.


These are just some of the features that MLM software may have. The specific features offered can vary depending on the vendor and the needs of the MLM company.


Different types of MLM plans

There are various MLM software providers that offer different types of MLM plans, including Binary, Unilevel, Force Matrix, Board Plan, and Monoline MLM Plan with Woo-Commerce integration. Here are some features that MLM software providers may offer for these plans:

Binary MLM Plan

  • Left and right placement tree structure.
  • Auto or manual placement option.
  • Binary commission calculation based on the weaker leg volume.
  • Pair matching bonus calculation.
  • Binary matching bonus calculation.
  • Binary level commission calculation.


Unilevel MLM Plan

  • Unlimited width structure and limited depth structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Generation bonus calculation.
  • Rank bonus calculation.


Force Matrix MLM Plan

  • A fixed width and depth structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Matrix cycle bonus calculation.


Board Plan MLM

  • A certain number of members are required to fill the board.
  • Board splitting option.
  • Commission calculation based on the board's completion.
  • Re-entry option after board completion.
  • Bonus calculation based on the board's completion.
  • Royalty bonus calculation.


Monoline MLM Plan

  • A single-line tree structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Monoline matching bonus calculation.


Woo Commerce Integration

  • Integration with Woo-Commerce for e-commerce functionality.
  • Integration with payment gateways for secure transactions.
  • Customized website design.
  • Product management and inventory tracking.
  • Order management and tracking.
  • Customer management and tracking.

It is essential to choose an MLM software provider that offers customized solutions based on the specific MLM plan and business requirements. Additionally, ensuring that the software is user-friendly, scalable, and provides excellent support and maintenance services is crucial.

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Laravel Plan


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