Binary eCommerce MLM Software Integration Service | Binary Plan with WooCommerce: Binary MLM eCommerce Plan Software is a web application that integrates with Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, Laravel, WordPress, and plugins/modules and helps to manage binary MLM networks.

Binary eCommerce MLM Software Integration Service | Binary Plan with WooCommerce

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 18th Dec 2022

Binary eCommerce MLM Software Integration Service

binary mlm


Binary MLM Software

A website application that integrates with the e-Commerce Module and aids in managing binary MLM networks is called Binary Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan Software.

binary mlm


Binary MLM Plan

A parent node has two child nodes, and each new distributor or member is inserted in either the left or right sub-tree in the binary MLM plan's two-legged structure. While the second sub-tree is referred to as a Profit Leg or a weak leg, the first sub-tree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg. One of the fundamental Binary MLM plans, whether it be for a small or huge MLM firm, is a requirement. The admin controlling users or sub-nodes in a binary network can keep track of their earnings, outgoings, etc. with the aid of the binary MLM plan.


There are five types of commission

  • i. Join Commission
  • ii. Referral Commission
  • iii. Level Commission
  • iv. Bonus Commission
  • v. Royalty Commission
  • vi. Pair Commission


Features of Binary Plan

  • Selectable/Choosable order status on which commission will be distributed feature.
  • Dashboard feature for the logged-in customers.
  • Genealogy Representation.
  • Email Settings.
  • SMS Configuration Settings.
  • Commission (fixed/percentage).
  • Service charges (fixed/percentage).
  • Eligibility Settings.
  • Referral Commission
  • Referral Limit feature.
  • Genealogy representation of the Downlines.
  • Genealogy is based on the user name. 
  • Run Payout – Distribute commission. 


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