Binary MLM software refers to a type of software used by MLM organizations to manage binary networks, Royalty Bonus, Custom Bonus, Pair Commission, Direct Referral Commission, Join Commissions, and MLM Genealogy. A complete MLM suite also includes enterprise business management, customer acquisition, marketing, product management, sales enablement, distributor recruitment.

Binary MLM Software & Free Demo | Binary MLM Compensation plan eCommerce Software

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 10th Apr 2022

Binary Mult-Level Marketing Plan eCommerce Software

binary mlm plan

Binary MLM software refers to software that supports multi-level marketing (MLM) business models based on a binary compensation structure. This type of MLM model has two legs, a left, and a right leg, and members earn commissions based on the performance of their two legs. The binary MLM software helps automate various tasks such as member tracking, commission calculations, and reporting, making it easier for MLM businesses to manage their operations.


Binary MLM Business Software

Binary Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan Software is a web application that integrates with the Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and OpenCart Module and helps to manage binary MLM networks.


Features that a binary MLM software may have:

Member Management: This feature allows administrators to manage the details of members such as personal information, payment information, and member status.

Binary Tree Structure: A visual representation of the binary tree structure that shows the placement of members and their downlines.

Commission Calculation: Automated calculation of commissions based on the performance of each member's left and right legs.

Genealogy Tracking: Ability to track the growth of the network and see the entire hierarchy of members.

Reporting: Generate reports on commissions, member activity, and network growth for analysis and decision-making.

E-wallet and Payment Integration: Integration with payment gateways to allow for easy and secure transaction processing.

E-commerce Integration: Ability to integrate with e-commerce platforms to allow members to sell products through their network.

Marketing Tools: Features like email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and lead capture forms to help members grow their network.

Mobile compatibility: Responsive design and mobile app support to allow members to access the platform on the go.

These are some of the common features of binary MLM software, but different software providers may offer different features and customization options.

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Type of Commission in the Binary MLM Plan

  • Join Commissions
  • Direct Referral Commission
  • Pair Commission
  • Custom Bonus
  • Royalty Bonus


Join Commissions 

MLM companies create join commissions to encourage their MLM members and attract more new members to join the binary network. this commission amount is credited to the user’s account at the time of joining the network.


Direct Referral Commission

The referral commission also referred to as the sponsor commission/leader bonus or the introducer bonus is the benefit gotten by a user for introducing new members to the downline network. The commission is calculated based on the percentage or fixed amount the company has already predefined. The commissioned amount is automatically credited to the user’s account.


Pair Commission 

Pair commission or binary commission. the distributor or user sponsors new members to balance both legs with active members. when the user balances both legs with the active leg, the user will be able to achieve pair commission. The commission is calculated based on the percentage of the amount the company has already defined.


Custom Bonus 

Companies create their own custom bonus to motivate their distributors and attract more distributors to join their binary network. this bonus amount is automatically credited to the distributer’s account based on their referrals which is defined by the company.


Royalty Bonus 

In the royalty bonus, when a certain set target is achieved by distributors, then all the eligible members receive a certain percentage of the amount as a bonus as per the company’s rule.


Binary MLM Advantage

Here are some of the advantages of using a binary MLM compensation plan and binary MLM software:

Simplicity: The binary structure is easy to understand, making it easier for members to grasp the concept and participate in the business.

Faster Growth: The binary structure encourages members to grow their businesses by expanding both legs, leading to faster growth of the network.

Unlimited Income Potential: The binary structure provides unlimited income potential for members as their earnings are not capped, allowing them to earn more as their network grows.

Automated Commission Calculations: With the help of binary MLM software, commission calculations are automated, reducing the risk of errors and saving time for the business.

Improved Member Tracking: The software helps track member activity and performance, providing valuable insights into the growth of the network.

Increased Productivity: Automated processes and streamlined operations can lead to increased productivity and efficiency for the business.

Access to Advanced Tools: Binary MLM software often comes with advanced features like marketing tools, payment integration, and mobile compatibility, allowing members to grow their businesses effectively.

These are some of the advantages of using a binary MLM compensation plan and binary MLM software, but results may vary based on the specific MLM business and its members.


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