Force Matrix Laravel Plan Software is a web application that helps to manage Matrix networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , uplines and expenditure.

What is Force Matrix MLM Plan & How it work ? | Force Matrix MLM Commission | Direct Selling

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 4th Dec 2021
force matrix mlm plan

Force Matrix MLM Plan

Force Matrix Multi Level Marketing Plan is includes number of legged structure where in a parent Node has many sub nodes where each new distributor or members is placed in down sub-tree. It  is one of the basic Force Matrix  which is required by all the MLM organizations be it small or large. The Force Matrix Woo-commerce helps admin managing users or sub nodes in a Matrix network to keep record of their income, expenses etc.


How MLM Matrix Plan Works?

There are two types of matrix multi level marketing structures which are commonly used, and they are either – 1-2-4-8 (2×2) or 1-3-9-27 (3×3) or 1-4-16-24 (4×4), however, there are exceptions like 2×3, 3×7. A binary plan is nothing but a 2×2 matrix plan. Some companies also apply a 4×4 matrix structure or even a 5×5 matrix structure depending on their requirement. 

MLM Matrix Plan Works


MLM Matrix Commission

When a complete matrix is achieved by a member then he will be eligible for matrix commission. It’s like add-on bonus to the members. We can consider 4×4 matrix, for example

  • First Level – 4 Members
  • Second Level – 16 Members
  • Third Level – 64 Members
  • Fourth Level - 256 Members


Once a member achieves this, he will be eligible for Matrix commission.

The Forced Matrix plan is an exceptional plan with specific features that will create maximum members to join in the network. To build your Forced Matrix MLM software with compensation plans check.



Force Matrix MLM Commission Type

  • Join Commission  
  • Referral Commission 
  • Level Commission


Force Matrix mlm Plan  :  Commission Type 

Join Commission  

It is a one-time credit commission amount served to each new user on the successful joining into the network.


Referral Commission 

 It is a type of commission bonus credit to the coordinator for bringing a healthy customer to the business but only if it fulfills the referral terms and conditions. The referral reward may be in a fixed amount or in percentage.


Level Commission

The amount rewarded to a successful customer on touching the levels defined by the organization. The levels can be improved by achieving a milestone set by the company and you get rewarded as much you raised in levels.


Forced Matrix Bonus

  • Regular Bonus 
  • Royalty Bonus


Regular Bonus 

The fixed or percentage bonus amount that is credited to the user’s account, whenever the users achieve the direct referrals milestone set by the company is known as Regular Bonus.

Royalty Bonus

It is a type of bonus amount that is paid to the users when he/she matches both direct referrals and level milestones set by the organization. The rewarded bonus amount may be in a fixed amount or a percentage value.


Force Matrix MLM Plan Genealogy

In our system we have developed two types of Genealogy you can check both of them and user can check only default one.

Type 1 :

Type 2 :


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