MLM Software, Affiliate Network Marketing Software, MLM eCommerce & WooCommerce, MLM Business Software : MLM Software is a web-based application that helps you maintain your MLM business using MLM Plan. MLM software can track your downline, their earned commission and generate reports systematically. Our MLM Plan is mlm software compatible as it provides exponential growth.

Top MLM Software for Network Marketing 2022 | MLM Business Software, MLM Compensation Plan

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 20th Mar 2022

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MLM Software
MLM plan, Affiliate Network Marketing Software


MLM Plans for your Multi Level Marketing Business

MLM Software is a web-based application that helps you maintain your MLM business using MLM Plan. MLM software can track your downline, their earned commission and generate reports systematically. Our MLM Plan is mlm software compatible as it provides exponential growth.

Multi level marketing is a pillar of network marketing which drives the business strongly in all aspects. MLM is the latest trend, companies follow it because of its attractive nature. The recent study conducted for the global MLM software market has also confirmed that MLM software will expand in the coming years. It also emphasized the plethora of features for multi-level marketing that dazzle the business in a good light.

To understand how MLM works, think of a pyramid. In our example, Alice is the first independent distributor hired directly by a direct marketing company. Alice becomes the top of the pyramid.


How Does Multi-Level Marketing Works

Alice recruits five independent distributors, who go around each and recruit five more independent distributors, and so on. It fills the pyramid that direct marketing companies depend on to sell their products.

Alice is the sponsor or upline of all the people she recruits. The people she recruits (as well as all the people she recruits) become her downline.

It is important to note the direction of these relationships because they affect the money that everyone in the pyramid earns in multi-level marketing plans. All distributors give a part of their earnings to the company as well as the upline.

MLM Pyramid Plan

“MLM distributors make money from selling products to people they know, commissions from each person they recruit into the company, and commissions from sales and recruits generated from their own recruits, continuing up multiple levels. " Branding and marketing support agency. “To be successful, a distributor must continually recruit as many downlines as possible to join their team.

Typically, MLMs offer a detailed compensation plan that explains how these upline and downline relationships work and how distributors get paid. These plans define things like recruitment and sales commissions as well as the requirements a member must have to be eligible for compensation, usually expressed in a minimum sales target and number of new recruits.


Pyramid Plan vs MLM

It is understandable if the dynamics of MLM companies have you questioning whether they are little more than pyramid plans. After all, both work with the same pyramid-shaped structure.

So what makes one legitimate and other illegal? It comes down to the sales versus recruiting focus in the compensation plan.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), "If there is no MLM pyramid plan, it will pay you based on your sales to retail customers, without having to recruit new distributors." Pyramid plans, meanwhile, rely on the constant recruitment of members to pay dues, even if they require members to buy products they may not be able to sell.

For an MLM to be compliant (ie, legal and not a pyramid plan), it must comply with the 75% rule that "at least 75% of all goods sold must be purchased by a non-distributor."

This means consumers outside the company need to buy most of the company's products—rather than having to stock up on inventory either downstream in the distributor network or with the distributors themselves. But it's incredibly difficult to prove if an MLM isn't in compliance, note Alemany and Corey Rusin, a researcher who worked closely with former multi-level marketing distributors after leaving direct sales.

It's nearly impossible to track whether a distributor has unsold products in their garage or closet. For the most part, MLMs take their distributors at their words. And even if a distributor is clearing 75% of its inventory in a given month, the "financial freedom" offered by many MLMs can't be achieved through direct sales alone.

When you analyze MLM compensation plans, the real money is made through recruitment.


Why MLM Software for Multi-Level Marketing?

To run a successful multi-level marketing business is to involve as many members as possible. MLM software solution allows you to manage all the members of your MLM network. You can also use multi-level marketing software to add new members, drive sales, and track business performance and operations.

Multi Level Marketing Plan Software is a web application that helps to manage MLM networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , up-lines and expenditure.

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MLM Software, ecommerce, Affiliate Network Marketing Software Features

mlm plan


Admin Features

  • Payout Reports.
  •  Report to show complete details of an individual payout.
  • Join Commission.
  • Referral Commission
  • Level Commission.
  • Company Commission.
  • Regular Bonus.
  • Specify eligibility criteria in the admin.
  • Configuration of commission and bonus details in the admin.
  • Add Deductions in payouts.
  • Run payouts manually.
  •  Payout Detail based on user and payout it  in admin.
  • Withdrawal Reports and click to pay system in admin.
  •  Admin can design the Front-end dashboard or User dashboard.
  •  Admin can use the short code for every mlm page on any page to use the bmp page functionality to any other page.
  • Admin can Enabled or Disabled All type of Commissions as well deductions.
  • Admin can change the name of plugin and commission by Variable Settings.
  •  Sweet Alert is available on every Ajax request. 


Frontend Features

  • Register a MLM User from provided registration page.
  • Register new Members using Genealogy.
  • New Join Network Page for non-Network Members.
  • Members can view full payout details in their payout details page
  • Withdrawal Amount functionality and withdrawal history.
  • Users can view genealogy in a new way, More flexible and responsive. .
  • All tables are managed with pagination..
  •  Sweet Alert is available on every Ajax request.