WooCommerce Shipping Based on Zip Code / Postcode / Postal Code : Pincode Based Product Price WooCommerce PRO Plugin is a application that helps to manage price of product according to pincode that input by customer.

PINCODE / ZIPCODE BASED Product Price WooCommerce - WordPress Plugin

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 23rd Jun 2022

Pincode Based Products Prices with WooCommerce

Are you looking for a plugin that allows for dynamic pricing based on the customer's postal code or ZIP code in WooCommerce? There isn't a native feature in WooCommerce that provides this level of granularity in pricing based on postal codes, but there might be third-party plugins available that offer this functionality.  

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To achieve such functionality, you might need to explore WooCommerce extensions or plugins that specialize in location-based pricing or custom pricing rules based on postal codes. Some premium WooCommerce plugins or extensions offer advanced features like dynamic pricing based on postal codes.


When searching for a plugin, look for features such as:

   Dynamic Pricing: The ability to set different prices for products based on postal codes.

   Error Handling: Displaying an error message if the entered postal code doesn't match the available pricing options.

   Customizable Options: The ability to set unlimited postal codes for a single product and update them easily.

   Checkout Integration: Allowing customers to update their postal codes during the checkout process.

Ensure the plugin is compatible with your WooCommerce version and regularly updated to avoid any compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.


Features of Pincode-Based Products Prices

  • You Can add unlimited postcodes for one product
  • You Can update your postcode
  • Price will change according to pincode
  • Add your custom price in the product section
  • show error on checkout when pincode is different from chosen pincode
  • You can update your pincode at the time of checkout

When exploring these plugins, review their documentation, user reviews, and support to ensure they meet your specific requirements before making a selection. Remember to check for any costs associated with these plugins—some might offer a free version with limited features and a premium version with more advanced capabilities.


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