Unilevel MLM Magento Module | Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing Plan eCommerce for Magento | Unilevel MLM Plan Software is a web application that helps to manage unilevel MLM networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , uplines and expenditure.

Unilevel MLM Magento Module | Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing Plan eCommerce - Magento Marketplace

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 9th Oct 2022

Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing Plan eCommerce for Magento  Module Software

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This module allows the admin to add a Unilevel MLM system to his online store. It allows customers to become sponsors. Also, Magento MLM enables the admin to handle many levels of sponsors and sub-sponsors. Using this module, the admin can have two different customers as sponsors. Once the admin accepts the customer's request for becoming a sponsor. The customers who have become sponsors will also get sponsor IDs. After that, they can use their sponsor ID for the other two customers to become a sponsor. This chain will continue. The sponsors earn commissions for adding their two sub-sponsors. And they keep earning commissions as their network grows.


Unilevel MLM Plan Software

Unilevel MLM Plan Software is a web application that helps to manage Uni-level MLM networks such as to keep track of down-line incomes, uplines, and expenditures.

Unilevel Multi Level Marketing Plan includes a number of legged structures where a parent Node has many sub-nodes where each new distributor or member is placed in a down sub-tree. It is one of the basic Unilevel MLM plans which is required by all MLM organizations be they small or large. The unilevel MLM plan helps the admin manage users or sub-nodes in a unilevel network to keep a record of their income, expenses, etc.

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Features of Unilevel MLM Plan

Admin Features

  • Selectable/Choosable order status on which commission will be distributed feature.
  • Feature customers should be mlm member from the register of Drupal is selectable, which means required/optional.
  • Feature number of levels decided feature of the network.
  • enable/disable the feature on checkout registration.
  • Referral Limit feature.
  • plan Option (Price Based/Point Value Based).
  • Point conversion with current currency.
  • Eligibility Settings.
  • Join commission settings (fixed/percentage).
  • Referral Commission (fixed/percentage).
  • Service charges (fixed/percentage).
  •  Tax deduction (fixed/percentage)
  • Capping of the amount.
  • Bonus commission settings based on a number of direct referrals.
  • Level Commission Settings (fixed/percentage)
  • Withdrawal Limit Settings (Min and Max).
  • Royalty bonus settings.
  • Email Settings.
  • SMS Configuration Settings.
  • SMS Settings.
  • Payout Reports in the admin.
  • User Reports in the admin.
  • Feature Withdrawal pay in the admin.
  • Feature Withdrawal Details in the admin.
  • Genealogy representation of the Downlines.
  • Genealogy is based on the user name. 
  • Run Payout – Distribute commission. 
  • Run Payout – Run Payout.
  •  e-Pin System.


Frontend Features

  • It works Based on Unilevel Rules i.e 1Xinfinite etc.
  • There are five types of commission
  • i. Join Commission
  • ii. Referral Commission
  • iii. Level Commission
  • iv. Bonus Commission
  • v. Royalty Commission
  • Dashboard feature for the logged-in customers.
  • Payout listing for logged-in MLM customers.
  • Payout detail of logged-in MLM customer.
  • All commissions with detail on the payout detail page for logged-in MLM customers.
  • Feature bank details for logged-in MLM customers.
  • Feature to the withdrawal request.
  • Feature withdrawal request Details on the withdrawal request page.
  • Genealogy representation of the MLM customer Downlines in better design.
  • Each MLM customer detail on genealogy in the form of a tooltip.
  • Three places to register MLM customers.
  • i. Register MLM customers on the registration page.
  • ii. Register MLM customers by genealogy registration.
  • iii. Register MLM customers by checkout registration.


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