WooCommerce Binary mlm Plugin | wp Binary mlm Affiliate Program| wp customized MLM Software Free Demo: Binary Multi-Level Marketing Plan Woocomerce Software is a web application that integrates with the Woocommerce plugin and helps to manage binary MLM networks.

WooCommerce Binary mlm Plugin | WP MLM SOFTWARE PLUGIN | Binary MLM Plan Affiliate - customized

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 28th Mar 2023

WooCommerce Binary mlm Plan Plugin | Binary multi-Level Marketing Plan

woocommerce binary mlm plan


WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that allows users to create and manage online stores. A binary MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) plan is a compensation plan used in the network marketing industry, where distributors are required to recruit two members each, forming a binary tree structure.

There are several plugins available for WooCommerce that allow the integration of binary MLM plans. These plugins provide the necessary features to manage the binary MLM plan and track the commissions earned by distributors. Some popular plugins


WP Customized MLM Software

WordPress is a popular content management system that can be used to create various types of websites, including MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software. MLM software is used to manage and track the activities of distributors in a network marketing business.

There are several ways to create custom MLM software using WordPress. One option is to use a plugin or theme that is specifically designed for MLM. There are several MLM plugins and themes available in the WordPress repository, such as:

MLM Network Marketing Plugin: This plugin provides features such as commission tracking, downline management, and a genealogy tree. It also supports multiple compensation plans, including binary, matrix, and unilevel.

MLM WordPress Theme: This theme is designed for MLM businesses and provides features such as member management, commission tracking, and product sales tracking.

Another option is to create custom MLM software using WordPress by hiring a developer or development team. This approach provides more flexibility in terms of customization and feature development. The developer or team can create a custom plugin or theme that is tailored to the specific needs of the MLM business.

When developing custom MLM software using WordPress, it is important to ensure that the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The software should also be secure and scalable to accommodate future growth. It is also important to ensure that the software complies with relevant laws and regulations and is ethical and transparent.


Binary Multi-Level Marketing Plan

The Binary MLM Plan is a popular compensation plan used in the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry. It is a structure that requires each distributor to have two downlines or legs in their network, with one leg being referred to as the "Power Leg" or "Strong Leg" and the other as the "Profit Leg" or "Weak Leg".


In a binary MLM plan, a distributor is only allowed to have two front-line members. Any additional members are placed under their downline, creating a "spillover" effect where members can benefit from the efforts of their upline. This structure encourages teamwork and cooperation among members and rewards the efforts of the entire network rather than just the individual distributor.


How to Calculate Binary MLM Earnings Commission

A binary MLM calculator is a tool that allows MLM members to calculate their potential earnings based on the binary compensation plan. Here's how a binary MLM calculator generally works:

  • Enter your total number of downline members in the left and right legs of your network.
  • Enter the commission percentage you will earn on the weaker leg of your network. This percentage is usually a fixed rate, such as 10% or 15%.
  • The calculator will then calculate the total sales volume in your weaker leg and your commission based on that volume.
  • The calculator may also provide additional features, such as the ability to factor in bonuses for reaching certain milestones or the ability to compare different commission rates to see how they affect your earnings.

It's important to note that binary MLM calculators are typically estimates and do not reflect actual earnings. Your actual earnings will depend on various factors, such as the products or services being sold, the sales volume of your downlines, and the compensation plan specifics of your MLM company.

There are various binary MLM calculators available online that you can use, or you can develop your own calculator using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.



binary mlm


Binary MLM Software Commission

The commission structure of the Binary MLM Plan typically involves a fixed commission percentage that is earned on the sales volume of the weaker leg of the distributor's network. For example, if a distributor has $10,000 in sales volume in their weaker leg and the commission percentage is 10%, they would earn a commission of $1,000.


Some Binary MLM Plans may offer additional bonuses or incentives for achieving certain milestones or reaching specific sales volumes. These bonuses can provide additional motivation for distributors to grow their networks and increase their sales volume.


Overall, the Binary MLM Plan provides a simple and effective structure for MLM companies to compensate their distributors based on their sales and network growth. By rewarding the efforts of the entire network rather than just the individual distributor, it encourages teamwork and cooperation among members and can lead to sustained growth for the company.


Binary MLM Plan WordPress Frameworks

Binary MLM plans can be implemented in various CMS and frameworks, including OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel. Here's a brief overview of how binary MLM plans can be implemented in each of these systems:



WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today and can be used to implement binary MLM plans by installing a third-party plugin that provides MLM-specific features. Plugins like WP MLM Software and MLM WordPress are examples of plugins that provide binary MLM plan features.


In summary, binary MLM plans can be implemented in various CMS and frameworks using third-party plugins, custom code, or a combination of both. The choice of CMS or framework depends on the specific needs of the MLM company and the expertise of the developers implementing the plan.


Features of Binary MLM Plan


User-friendly interface

A Binary MLM Software should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-technical users.


Two-leg structure

The Binary MLM Software should be designed to support the two-leg structure of the Binary MLM Plan, with a Power Leg and a Profit Leg.


Spillover management

The software should be able to manage the spillover effect that occurs in a Binary MLM Plan, which is when a distributor benefits from the efforts of their upline.


Commission Calculation

The Binary MLM Software should be capable of calculating commissions based on the sales volume of the weaker leg of the distributor's network, and generate accurate commission reports.


Real-time Tracking

The Binary MLM Software should track network growth, sales volume, and commission earnings.


Downline management

The software should provide easy downline management, enabling distributors to manage their network and track their downline's activities.


Payment gateway integration

The software should be integrated with popular payment gateways to facilitate secure and timely commission payouts to distributors.


Bonus and incentive management

The Binary MLM Software should be capable of managing bonuses and incentives for distributors who achieve certain milestones or reach specific sales volumes.



The software should provide robust security features to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.



The Binary MLM Software should be scalable, and capable of supporting the growth of the MLM company and its network of distributors.

Overall, Binary MLM Software should be designed to streamline the management of a Binary MLM Plan, providing accurate commission calculations, real-time tracking, and easy downline management, while ensuring the security and scalability of the software.


Binary Custom CMS Development Services


Type of Commission in the Binary MLM Plan

  • Join Commissions
  • Direct Referral Commission
  • Pair Commission
  • Custom Bonus
  • Royalty Bonus


Join Commissions 

MLM companies create join commissions to encourage their MLM members and attract more new members to join the binary network. this commission amount is credited to the user’s account at the time of joining the network.


Direct Referral Commission

The referral commission also referred to as the sponsor commission/leader bonus or the introducer bonus is the benefit gotten by a user for introducing new members to the downline network. The commission is calculated based on the percentage or fixed amount the company has already predefined. The commissioned amount is automatically credited to the user’s account.


Pair Commission 

Pair commission or binary commission. the distributor or user sponsors new members to balance both legs with active members. when the user balances both legs with the active leg, the user will be able to achieve pair commission. The commission is calculated based on the percentage of the amount the company has already defined.


Custom Bonus 

Companies create their own custom bonus to motivate their distributors and attract more distributors to join their binary network. this bonus amount is automatically credited to the distributer’s account based on their referrals which is defined by the company.


Royalty Bonus 

In the royalty bonus, when a certain set target is achieved by distributors, then all the eligible members receive a certain percentage of the amount as a bonus as per the company’s rule.

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