WooCommerc Board Multi Level Marketing [MLM] Plan - WordPress : Board plan is otherwise known as revolving matrix plan or matrix cycle plan. This Plan gives you a chance to benefit from the effort of all the other board members. Because a specific member is entitled to a bonus or commission every time the Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalized.

WooCommerc Board Multi Level Marketing [MLM] Plan - Documentation

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 26th Nov 2022

Board Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan eCommerce

board mlm woocommerce


Board MLM Woocommerce

  • ->Install Board MLM Woocommerce plugin                        Click here
  • ->To activate this plugin, first install and activate woocommerce
  • ->now activate this plugin
  • ->To use it, first create a User, after that you will be able to see all settings.


Board MLM Woocommerce Settings [Admin]

1. Board MLM Woocommerce

  • -Configuration (General, Eligibility, Mapping, Payout, Commissions, Left Menu Pages, License, Dashboard Design, Help, Product Info, Create Users)
  • -Distribute Commission
  • -Run Payout
  • -Payout & Reports
  • -User Reports
  • -Withdrawals
  • -Genealogy
  • -Addon

2. Email Settings

3. SMS settings

4. Shortcode details


1. Board MLM Woocommerce


Configuration>General settings

  1. Register Users to Board MLM during checkout
  2. Redirect after Registration
  3. Redirect after Login
  4. Affiliate user Redirect Page
  5. Board Plan Type:
    • Single Board
    • Multi-Board [If selected, enter the board count
  6. Board Matrix: Define the width and height of the tree eg.2*2,2*3
  7. Withdrawal Limit: Enter the minimum and maximum limit
  8. Shortcode Error Message: Enter any message to be shown when any unauthorized user tries to access the shortcode directly.
  9. Plan based on:
    • Point
    • Price


Configuration>Eligibility settings

  1. No Personal Referrals
  2. Distribute ineligible Commissions


Configuration>Mapping settings

board mlm mapping

Order Completion Status: Select the woocommerce order status, want to map with this plugin to calculate commissions.


Configuration -> Payout Settings 

(Enable and set all commissions price/percentages)

board mlm woocommerce
  1. Join Commission: When new users registered in this plugin and have done purchasing any items. (Only paid customers get join commission)
  2. Referral Commission or Affiliate Commission: when any user refers to a new user. This can be done through an affiliate link.
  3. Board Completion Commission: on matching the board matrix requirement, all positions are filled, then on adding a new user the root user changes its position from one board to another.
  4. Matching Commission: The sponsor gets this commission when its child gets a referral or completion commission.
  5. Taxes (amount to be deducted)
    1. Service Charges
    2. TDS
    3. Cap Limit Amount


Configuration -> Commission settings (fixed/Percentage)

Board Plan

Set all levels with their comm amount, and, on adding a new user all the uplines get this commission.


Configuration > Left Menu Page Settings

board plan

All the pages should be enabled to be shown on the left side at the front end, only then the pages will be accessible from the primary menus also. (Otherwise shows the error: you are an unauthorized user, so contact admin)

  1. Dashboard Page
  2. Genealogy Page
  3. My Downliners Page
  4. Payout Details Page
  5. Personal Information Page
  6. Bank Details Page
  7. Withdrawal Amount Page
  8. Registration Page


Configuration>License settings

Enter a valid license key.


Configuration -> Dashboard Settings

You can change the look and feel of your front end. use this first to enable custom settings.



Fill out the form, if have any query


Configuration ->Product Info



Configuration -> Create Users



Board Plan WooCommerce - Distribute Commission

Board Plan
Board Plan
Board Plan
Board Plan

Distribute all types of commissions to all eligible users. 


Board Plan WooCommerce -  Payout Run

Board Plan
Board Plan
Board Plan

Run the payout, so all the users get their earnings from this MLM plan.


Board Plan WooCommerce - Payout & Reports

Board Plan
Board Plan

See all the payout reports, you can see the records for the selected values only.


Board Plan WooCommerce - User Reports

Board Plan

See all the user's reports


Board Plan WooCommerce - Withdrawals

Board Plan

Fill out the withdrawal form to approve the withdrawal request done by the user from the front end.


Board Plan WooCommerce - Genealogy

board plan Genealogy

Show all user's Genealogy


Board MLM Woocommerce [Frontend]

Board Plan login

First, you need to log in with the first user, created by the admin. Then all the pages will be accessible.


Board MLM Dashboard on the sidebar includes pages:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Genealogy
  3. My Downlines
  4. Payout Details
  5. Personal Info
  6. Bank Details
  7. Withdraw Amount
  8. Registration
  9. Logout

->Login with the user

->do shopping (user should be paid customer)

->order status will be changed as per the mapping setting

->user will get join the commission

->create a new user through registration or by using the affiliate link.

->when the newly added user is done purchasing any item, then its sponsor gets referral comm, and level comm and the new user gets join the commission.

board mlm singin

->in the same way network can grow by adding new paid users.

->now distribute comm and run payout, so all the users will get their corresponding amount of comm.

->if any user that is not registered as MLM user wants to join the network, then there is a “join network”. By entering the phone number and its parent name.


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