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frequently asked questions(FAQ)

A sponsor is someone who recruits a member into the network and becomes a part of the MLM business network. The so-recruited members will be added to the downline slots and this sponsor will be beneficial out of it directly with bonuses and commissions.

Consider a member in a genealogy tree; we’re going to define upline and downline members by considering this particular member. The members above this particular member are known as upline members and those who are beneath this member are known as downline members.

There are no sponsor member limits and one can sponsor unlimited members as downlines. With more members, the sponsor earns more bonuses and commissions. However, an MLM company has the right to restrict this sponsorship with a limit. Bonuses and commissions differ in accordance with the compensation plans. Always join an MLM Company suitable for your marketing approach and style. One must get maximum profit out of the effort that puts on individual product selling.

If an MLM company is directly marketing their products to customers then its direct marketing and if the distributors are selling products to customers then it’s direct selling. Basically, this is the difference between these two terms.

MLM is popular all around the globe and has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. One or the other way most of the business world is into MLM. The popularity grew up from the beginning period itself and the revenue has grown up to a value of 190 billion USD back in 2017. The revenue model is taking a steep growth at times and it reflected in the living style of people too.

An MLM Software is an automated system used to manage, organize, and develop MLM business without any complexities. This software system offers 100+ features to manage the business with a module-module approach. With high-end security and transaction system, an MLM Software is perfect to maintain the course of business. An MLM Software is known by other terms like a direct selling software, network marketing software, etc.