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How To Install Force matrix with woocommerce:

  1. Unzip the and place it in your WordPress directory- your_wordpress_directory/wp-content/plugins paste here. 
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin and go to plugins and click on activate button of Forcematrix Woocommerce plugin.
  3. Before activating Forcematrix Woocommerce make sure that WooCommerce is installed and activated.


After activating Forcematrix Woocommerce, a new menu FMW settings will appear in wordpress admin menu.


Then click on FMW settings > settings and create first user or root user.

Setup General Settings :

  1. Register Users to FMW during checkout : if you checked this option then user can regiter during checkout process.
  2. Redirect after Registration : select page that you want to redirect user after successful registration.
  3. Affiliate user Redirect page : select page that you want to redirect user after clicking affiliate link.
  4. Network Width : is maximum number of referrals can be join directly under a single person.
  5. Network Height : is maximum number of level user can get level commission.
  6. Withdrawal Limit : minimum and maximum amount can be withdrawal at a time.
  7. Licence Key  : Please paste your licence key here.


Setup Eligibility Settings :  

No. of Personal Referrer(s) : minimum paid direct referrals required to get any type of commission

Setup Order Mapping Settings :  

Order completetion status : when order is placed and order status changed to selected status them user become paid and sponsor and parent’s commssion will be generated.


Setup Payout Settings :  

  1. Commission Type : select type of commision calculation method, if fixed is selected then a fix amount will be given to sponsor as respective commission or if percent is selected then commissions will be calculated according to order total amount.
  2. Company Share : amount that will go to company.
  3. Referral Commission : amount that will to go users sponsor.
  4. Level * Commission : amount that will to go users parents according to network height.

Setup Bonus Settings :

  1. click on add row to create a new regular bonus slab.
  2. Minimum No. Of Direct Referral : required to get bonus of current slab.
  3. Maximum No. Of Direct Referral : required to get bonus of current slab.
  4. Amount type :
    • Fixed -> a fix amount will be given to user.
    • Percent -> sum of user’s referral and level commission percent that can’t make greater then MAX AMOUNT
  1. Max Amount : if Amount type is percent then it will use as maximum regular bonus.
  2. You can add multiple rows of bonus slabs.
  3. Delete will be disabled after any one user bonus will be generated with respective slab.

Payout Run

Payout Run :

  1. Automatic will only run throw cron job.
  2. For manually run payout go to FMW settings > run payouts option.
  3. You can check user earned commissions and regular bonus here.
  4. You can check summary of users commisions and regular bonus total.

Click on run payout to manullay run payout.



Users Report :

  1. For view users report go to FMW Settings > users report
  2. For view full details of user click on respective users row’s view link.

*User Details : Admin can click on any user’s view button and see following details.

Payout Reports :

  1. You can check users payouts full details on click of respective payout row view link.
  2. In payout details you can check all commision and regular bonus details.

*Payout Details : Admin can click on any payout view button and see following details.

withdrawal requests:

  1. To check withdrawal requests go to FMW Settings > withdrawal requests.
  2. To change the status of withdrawals click on change link of respective withdrawal.

Admin Genealogy

Admin Genealogy : Admin can view genealogy of unilevel user’s.

Frontend Features

Dashboard :

1. Affiliate URL : at top user’s Affiliate URL is shown with copy button.

2. User Summary widgets:

  • Total direct referrals :

  • Total Referral Commission

  • Total Level Commission

  • Total Regular Bonus

  • Total Paid Amount

  • Total Unpaid

3. Direct referrals and payout List

4. Withdrawal Requests with status and remark column

5. Referrals orders listing

Genealogy : 

  1. hover on users icon to view their details.
  2. click on users icon to view their genealogy.

Registration page for plan for new users

Join network form for existing users

Withdrawals Form : user can request withdrawals their fund by filling this form.

Example : Process of Forcematrix woocommerce plan



  • I have created first fmw user that is user1(username).

  • Then i used following general settings.

    1. Register Users to FMW during checkout : Checked

    2. Redirect after Registration : Shop Page

    3. Affiliate user Redirect page : Shop Page

    4. Network Width : 3

    5. Network Height : 2

    6. Withdrawal Limit : Min :-500, Max :-1000

    7. Licence Key : My licence


  • No of personal Referrerl(s) :- 3 in eligibility settings.

  • Order completetion status :- Completed in Order Mapping settings.

  • Then i used following settings in Payout settings.

  1. Commission Type : Percent
  2. Company Share : 15
  3. Referral Commission : 10
  4. Level 1 Commission : 8
  5. Level 2 Commission : 6

Note: Level Commission is depends on network heigh, i have filled newtwok height 2 so only up to two levels commisons appered here.

  • I have created two regular bonus slabs as you can see in secreenshot.
  1. Minimum 1 to 5 direct referrrals amount type is percent and bonus will be 25 % upto 500.00 max
  2. Minimum 6 to 10 direct referrals amount type is percent and bonus will be 25 % up to 1000.00 max

Thats done for FMW Settings.

How these settings will work for users

  • A user joined under first or root user that is user5 (username) by using their referral link.

  • Then user5 placed a order to be paid memeber.



  • Then user5 shared their referral link from dashboard with some users, and Theree users have joined under user5, these are user14, user15, user16.

  • Then they also placed their orders and completed them.

  • User 5 will get commission from these orders. (in Order mapping we have set order status complete, if we set processing then commssion will be assign when order status changed to processing)

  • But here is only one order is visiable that is placed by user16 and total of this order is 1020.00, because, i have filled No. of personal referrals 3 in eligliblity settings.

  • so first two users order are skip for commissions beacuse at that time user5 didn’t have 3 personal referrals.

  • Now when payout is run by admin, you can see that user5 earned 102.00 referrals commission because user5 only 3 referrals and due to eligibility settings its will get commission only form user16’s order that is worth of 1020.00 and we have filled 10% for referrals commissions. Thats why user5 only earned 102.00 referrals commissions.

  • As you can see that user5 also earned 61.20, because user5 is on second level due to eligibility he didn’t get commisions from another users referrals that was user8, user9, user11, user14, user15, he will only get second level commission from only user16 that is 6% (we filled second level commission 6%) of 1020.00, and user20 is not paid yet( no order completed yet ).



  • At the time of Payout Run, User5 Have 3 direct referrals and referral commission 102.00, and level commission 61.20,

  • As we have added a slab that is minimum 1 to maximum 5 referrals with 25% bonus and Max upto 500.

  • user5 belongs to this salb so users total bonus is (102+61.20)x25% = 40.8.

  • after successfull payout user can see his their commissions and payouts in dashboard