Bitpay - Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway with LearnPress

Bitpay - Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway with LearnPress

Overview :

Integration between the LearnPress LMS and a Bitpay cryptocurrency payment gateway used to create and manage online courses, and it primarily relies on traditional payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others for course enrollment and payment.


Bitpay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway – LearnPress, WordPress Plugins

BitPay had a WordPress plugin available that allowed website owners to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments on their WordPress websites, including WooCommerce-based eCommerce sites. However, it's important to note that BitPay's WordPress plugin may not have had direct compatibility with the LearnPress plugin for creating and managing online courses.


To integrate BitPay's cryptocurrency payment gateway with LearnPress or other non-eCommerce plugins, you might need to consider custom development or use a workaround. Here's a general approach:


Custom Integration (if necessary): Since LearnPress doesn't have native support for BitPay, you may need to create custom code or use a developer to integrate BitPay into LearnPress. This might involve modifying LearnPress's payment handling functions to interact with BitPay's API.


Course Purchase Process: Customize your course purchase process to include an option for cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, by extending LearnPress's functionality. This could be done by adding an additional payment option alongside the default payment gateways.


Since technology and plugins can change, it's a good practice to check the WordPress plugin repository and LearnPress documentation for any updates or new integrations related to cryptocurrency payments and BitPay. Additionally, consider consulting with a WordPress developer or a development agency if you require custom development to integrate BitPay with LearnPress.


Bitpay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

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