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How To Install UNILEVEL WooCommerce:  

  1. Unzip the and place it in your WordPress directory- your_wordpress_directory/wp-content/plugins paste  here.
  2. Log in to your  WordPress admin and go to plugins and click on activate button of unilevel mlm plan plugin. 


  1. Click on Unilevel Woocommerce in sidebar and create a first user for starting the network.
  1. Setup General Settings :  

*Register users to unilevel during checkout: Check this checkbox for enable the users register with unilevel woocommerce while they on order checkout page.

*Redirect After Registration: Select the page , Where user redirect after registration.

*Affiliate user Redirect Page: When user come from the Affiliate Link then where user is redirect like Shop,registration or another page. You can choose one of the all pages. But you need to add the bold line in your htaccess.

*No of Levels: That levels are assign to user according the network depth, you can also assign the name to this level by the commissions settings.

*No of Referrals: If you want unlimited users under one user then leave that option blank but if you want limited users under one user so enter here number.

*Withdrawal Limit: You can set the limit to users withdrawal amount limit. 

  1. Setup Eligibility Settings :  

*No of Personal Referral : That eligibility is  eligible the user for payout ,when user’s referrals are equal to total personal referrals then the user eligible for payout.

*Distribute ineligible Commissions : If you want user get commission when they are not have no of referrals as given but when they have these referrals,then user can get the previous commissions whatever.

  1. Setup Mapping Settings :  

*Order Completion Status :  Select one of the order status, When order status is same as that then UMW commissions and bonuses are insert by this order and also register user as unilevel user who is join network by the checkout page..

  1. Setup Payout Settings :  

*Company Commission: This amount is deduct from the each payout and credit this amount in first user account.

*Join Commission: This amount will be credit in each user’s account and that commission only one time credit in  user’s account.

*Referral Commission :This commission Amount is created in user’s account when they add the users in network and who is sponsor that get this amount and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage(if this amount in percent then the percent amount will be calculated from the order total).

*Service Charge : This  Amount is debited from user’s total created amount when payout run and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage.

*Tax Deduction : This  Amount is debited from user’s total created amount when payout run and this amount would be in fixed or Percentage.

*Cap Limit Amount : Cap limit is prevent the payout amount limit , that prevent the payout amount never be greater to cap limit amount.

  1. Setup Bonus Settings :  
       1.Regular Bonus -> Whenever user’s direct referrals will be equal to setting referrals the the setting amount will be credit in user’s account.
  1. Level Commission:  

*Level Name : You need to give the name to each level if you are not want to give name then enter only 1 2 3 …

*Commission Amount: Set commission amount to each level, which user on that level user get the amount(if commission type is percent then each product have the setting for level commission amount the amount will be calculate from that).

  1. Licence : Enter your licence key to use the plugin and this key is provide by us, If you don’t have key then click on purchase licence and perchase the licence.

Payout Run

Calculate Commission :  

Before Calculate i remind you the settings-

  1. Referral commission -> 15%
  2. Join Commission -> 10%
  3. Company Commission -> 15%
  4. Regular Bonus-> 2Ref : 100rs,  4Ref : 250rs,  8Ref : 350rs,  12Ref : 700rs,  15Ref : 1500rs,  20Ref : 2000rs.
  5. Level Commission -> 1:25%, 2:22%, 3:17%, 4:13.5%, 5:10.5%, 6:7.5%, 7:4.5%.
  6. Product Level commission Setting is 50% Means Level Commission Calculate From the 50% of Product price.
  1. When Register user 2 & user 3 under user 1 And both Purchase a product(5000 rs). Lets check commissions and genealogy.

User 2 purchase is 5000 and also user 3 purchase is 5000.

Referral commission by user 2 is 15% of 5000 is:-


same amount by user3

Referral Commission is 750.00+750.00=1500.00

User 2 and User 3 Parent is User 1 and user 1 is on 1st Level

Level Commission by user 2 is 25% of 2500

(Because Product have the 50% level commission so level commission is calculate from 2500.00) 


Same amount by user3

Level Commission is 625.00+625.00=1250.00

User 1 have now 2 referrals (user2 & user3) so according to setting 2Ref:100rs

Regular Bonus is 100.00

Company commission by user 2 is 15% of 5000 is:-


same amount by user3

Company Commission is 750.00+750.00=1500.00

  1. When Register user 2 , user 3, user 5 & user 6 under user 1 And All Purchase a product(5000 rs)
  2. user  user 4 & user 7 under user 2 And both Purchase a product(5000 rs).
  3. user 8 & user 9 under user 2 And both Purchase a product(5000 rs).

Let’s check Genealogy–

Let’s check commissions–

Run Payout :  when users are eligible for payout then these all users are listed in list and click on run payout to distribute the money.


User Report : MLM user reports section display all MLM users list and here admin can check any user’s earnings, payouts, downliners etc .

*User Details : Admin can click on any user’s view button and see following details.

Payout Report : Unilevel user reports section display all  payouts list and here admin can check any payout details like company commissions, join commission , referral commission , level commission &  regular bonus  details.

*Payout Details : Admin can click on any payout view button and see following details.

Withdrawal Records : Withdrawal records section display the all withdrawal requests and admin can pay the money by click on pay button.

Admin Genealogy

Admin Genealogy : Admin can view genealogy of unilevel user’s.

Frontend Features

Dashboard : This section is display the user’s all details like that.

Downliners : Downliner section display the user’s downliners in a genealogy which is designed on Uni-level Method. user can add any user on any particular position which is selected by genealogy add button.

Payout Details : This section display the user’s total sources of earnings.

Bank Details:This section is display the Bank Details  and user can update his/her bank details here..

Withdrawal Amount :This section is display the withdrawal requests and remaining balance of user and user can request for withdraw the amount.

Registration : This section provide a registration form which helps in add users to user’s downliners .In that registration we give the live checking of user’s data for invalid or duplicate.