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Open Source MLM Software - Binary, Board, Matrix, Monoline, Unilevel MLM eCommerce Plan

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 16th May 2024

Open Source MLM Software Overview

Open Source MLM Software refers to Multi-Level Marketing software that is distributed with its source code available for modification and enhancement. These platforms allow businesses to customize the software according to their specific needs and requirements. The software typically supports various MLM plans and can be built using a range of technologies.

Open Source MLM Software - Binary, Board, Matrix, Monoline, Unilevel MLM eCommerce Plan

Key MLM Plans Supported

Binary Plan:

  • Structure: Each member has two sub-members (left and right).
  • Commissions: Earn commissions based on balanced growth between the two legs.
  • Features: Pairing bonuses, spillover benefits, and binary tree view.

Board Plan:

  • Structure: Members are placed on a board, and when the board is filled, it splits.
  • Commissions: Earn when the board completes and members move to higher boards.
  • Features: Board cycles, automatic re-entry, and tracking.

Matrix Plan:

  • Structure: Fixed-width and fixed-depth structure (e.g., 3x3, 5x7).
  • Commissions: Earn when a matrix level is filled.
  • Features: Forced matrix view, spillover, and matrix completion bonuses.

Monoline Plan:

  • Structure: Single line of members where new members join at the end.
  • Commissions: Earn based on position and activity in the line.
  • Features: Single line genealogy view, positional bonuses, and direct referrals.

Unilevel Plan:

  • Structure: Unlimited width, members can recruit an unlimited number of direct referrals.
  • Commissions: Earn based on levels deep (typically 3-10 levels).
  • Features: Level commissions, rank advancements, and wide genealogy view.


Technologies for Open Source MLM Software


  • PHP framework known for elegant syntax and robust features.
  • Benefits: Scalability, security, MVC architecture, and extensive community support.
  • Ideal For: Customizable and large-scale MLM systems.


  • React framework for building server-side rendered applications.
  • Benefits: SEO-friendly, fast performance, and easy to manage.
  • Ideal For: High-performance and interactive MLM web applications.


  • High-level programming language known for its readability and versatility.
  • Benefits: Rapid development, extensive libraries, and robust community support.
  • Ideal For: Data-intensive MLM systems and automation features.

WordPress (WooCommerce, LearnPress):

  • Content management system with extensive plugin support.
  • Benefits: User-friendly, highly customizable with plugins like WooCommerce for e-commerce and LearnPress for learning management.
  • Ideal For: MLM systems integrated with e-commerce or educational features.


  • Open-source content management framework.
  • Benefits: High flexibility, strong security, and scalability.
  • Ideal For: Complex MLM systems requiring extensive customization.


  • E-commerce platform known for its powerful features and flexibility.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive e-commerce features, scalability, and customizable.
  • Ideal For: MLM systems with a strong focus on e-commerce capabilities.


  • Simple and easy-to-use open-source shopping cart system.
  • Benefits: Lightweight, easy to set up, and good for small to medium-sized e-commerce stores.
  • Ideal For: MLM systems requiring basic e-commerce functionality.

Common Features in Open Source MLM Software

User Dashboard: Comprehensive dashboard for users to track their performance, earnings, and other activities.

Genealogy Tree View: Visual representation of the MLM structure, allowing users to see their downline.

E-Wallet: Secure digital wallet for managing earnings and commissions.

Downline Management: Tools for managing and communicating with downline members.

Payout Management: Automated payout systems for distributing earnings and bonuses.

Reports and Analytics: Detailed reporting tools for tracking performance and business metrics.

Commissions and Bonuses: Configurable settings for different types of commissions and bonuses (e.g., referral, level, matching).

E-commerce Functionality: Integrated shopping cart and product management features.

E-pin System: Secure method for transactions and joining fees using electronic pins.

License Key Management: Options for yearly or one-time purchase licenses.


Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support

Multi-Currency Support:

  • Definition: The ability to handle transactions in multiple currencies, enabling businesses to operate globally.
  • Features:
    • Automatic currency conversion based on real-time exchange rates.
    • Ability to set different pricing for products in different currencies.
    • Comprehensive reports and analytics in multiple currencies.
    • Payment gateway integrations supporting various currencies.

Multi-Language Support:

  • Definition: The capability to offer the platform in multiple languages to cater to a global audience.
  • Features:
    • Language selection options for users.
    • Translations for all user-facing content, including dashboards, reports, and notifications.
    • Admin panel language management for adding and updating translations.
    • Localization of currency, date, time, and other formats according to language preferences.


Benefits of Open-Source MLM Software

  • Customizability: Source code access allows for extensive customization to meet specific business requirements.
  • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable compared to proprietary software with high licensing fees.
  • Community Support: Large communities for open-source technologies provide resources, support, and regular updates.
  • Flexibility: Ability to integrate with other systems and add new features as needed.
  • Transparency: Open source ensures transparency in the code and business processes.

By leveraging open-source MLM software, businesses can build a robust and customizable platform that meets their specific needs while benefiting from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of open-source solutions.

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