Unilevel MLM Plan

What is Unilevel MLM Plan? How Unilevel MLM Plan Work?

Unilevel MLM Plan

What is Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan

Unilevel Plan is an easy concept for other plans in the MLM industry. It is simple to compare and communicate with other MLM plans. In this plan, you can sponsor as many distributors as you want, and you have to put all the wires in front. There are mainly three types of compensation in Unilevel plans. Sponsor Bonuses, Quick Start Bonuses, and Level Commissions. The main motive of this plan is to add as many members as you can in one line, make this plan more attractive and interesting, and get some incentives, and bonuses at a certain level of completion.


How Unilevel MLM Plan Work?

Unilevel Multi Level Marketing Plan

Users think that the Unilevel MLM plan is a one-level plan. This is not entirely true as it involves two to ten levels in depth. With the Unilevel MLM plan, a user can sponsor to the nth level. The sponsor gets a dividend from the business volume of every member in his downline. The Unilevel MLM plan has some advantages that make it an MLM plan every MLM organization wants to subscribe to. It is very easy to understand and operate since its calculations are less complex. With an unlimited width plan, the Unilevel MLM plan allows a sponsor to have several distributors under him while allowing the distributors to further have several other sub-distributors.


Unilevel Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Software

Unilevel MLM Plan Software is a web application that helps manage unilevel MLM networks, such as keeping track of down-line incomes, uplines, and expenditures.



Unilevel Affiliate Commissions

Unilevel MLM Commission


Join Commission 

It is a one-time credit commission amount served to each new user on the successful joining of the network.


Referral Commission

 It is a type of commission bonus credit to the coordinator for bringing a healthy customer to the business but only if it fulfills the referral terms and conditions. The referral reward may be in a fixed amount or in percentage.


Level commission 

The amount rewarded to a successful customer on touching the levels defined by the organization. The levels can be improved by achieving a milestone set by the company and you get rewarded as much you raised in levels.



In the bonus, when unilevel distributor has achieved the target set by the administrator then unilevel distributor is eligible to get the amount as a bonus. this bonus amount is automatically credited to the distributer’s account based on the no. of downlines that is defined by the company.

Advantage Of Unilevel MLM Plan

1. The plan is easy to understand for distributors because there are no complications like spillover or other criteria. so this plan is simple to explain.

2. The Unilevel MLM Plan is suitable for all types of network marketing business models.

3. Unilevel can be more lucrative than any other compensation plan if we recruit good leadership in the downlines

4. Faster Bonus and solid residual income


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