Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Overview :

The AMP Project is an open-source activity expecting to improve the performance of web and mobile web for all..


Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP Project is an open-source activity expecting to improve the performance of web and mobile web for all. With the help of the AMP, developer can create the project of sites and advertisements always fast, attractive and highly-performed devices and different platforms.AMP helps the developer to achieve its speed in two ways. On the one hand it requires web designers to utilize a different arrangement of web technology to make pages. On the other hand, it serves pages from its own particular servers, in any event when you visit an AMP page through a Google search. Pages designed by AMP HTML will load the website quicker, Mobile rankings will increment because of loading web pages as fast as possible.

In Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) element, we have presented this ultimate component by executing Accelerated Mobile Page for the Home page, Category page and Product page, Special Product page and Search page. These are the most visited pages according to Google counting. The advantage of AMP is to increase load times and improve the user’s experience through quicker load times. Applying AMP to a page that isn’t a landing page for organic traffic may not be the best use of time and increase the ranking of the page and create traffic, especially if this page already loads reasonably quickly.

Higher Performance and Arrangement

Web pages and advertisements distributed in the AMP open-source arrange stack close right away, giving clients a smooth, all the more captivating knowledge on portable and work area. It also helps in high-standard ranking variation that determines the placement of a website’s content link in the search engine results pages.

Adaptability and Consequence

Distributers and promoters can choose how to introduce their substance and what innovation suppliers to utilize, all while keeping up and enhancing key execution pointers. It allows for a greater level of configuration for analytics interactions0.

AMP Extensions Features

Enable/ disable AMP Module, Footer links, Best Sellers, Carousel, Featured, Latest Slideshow, Special.

To speed up load times for mobile users.

Increase visibility.

Better users experience and Less bounce rate.

An increase in sales conversions.

Improve server performance.

Increase mobile ranking.


Home Page

A home page is the first page a user exploring to a site from a search engine will see, and it might likewise fill in as a greeting page to draw in visitors. Initialization of AMP on the home page is utilized to encourage the customer to route to different pages on the web page by giving connects to organized and late articles and pages, and conceivably a search icon. AMP helps to load the web page immediately, customer can access the information as soon as possible. Letscms utilize the  home page to pull in customer to make a record. When they are signed in, the home page might be diverted to their profile page. This may convert as the “individual home page”.

An individual site page is likewise usually called a home page, though such sites can contain a lot of different web pages.

A home page can likewise be utilized outside the setting of web programs, for example, to allude to the chief screen of a User Interface, oftentimes alluded to as a home screen on cell phones, for example, cell phones.

Accelerated Mobile Pages advantages are:

  • loading home page immediately.
  • loading page for mobile customers without delaying.
  • Improving search engine rank by increase traffice.
  • engaging the customers on our website store.
Search Page

The search page allows the customers to find out their product by title, description, categories and sub-categories. The search result will be directly appear on the same page. In this way we can save our customers’ valuable time as well as loading page without delay. Customer can also access the page directly.

Product Page

This page will display different categories and sub categories products of various brands and companies. It also helps in observable the products related to their properties. As product page is the important part of our website so we will provide better services to our customers.

Brand List

After the product category, the Brand list page will provide the many brands of a product. For example, any customer decided to purchase a laptop, yet he/she confused related to brand, so our brand list page will help him/her to choose the correct one with the different description of all the brand of that particular product.

This is how Brand list page works!!! Mainly our aim is to provide best services to our customers.

Product List

The product list page will describe the complete description and specification of that particular branded product with their price. In this way customer can get more information of the product.

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