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Free Live Demo Available Mlm Software Plugins, Code & Scripts | Network Marketing Growth Tools ( Direct Selling ) business Software

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 12th Aug 2023

Free Live Demo Available - Multi-Level Marketing Software

free demo mlm software

Multi Level Marketing [MLM] software is designed to automate and streamline various aspects of multi-level marketing businesses. It can help manage network structures, track sales and commissions, handle payouts, provide analytics, and more. MLM software is crucial for efficiently managing the complexities of multi-level marketing.

Creating a fully customizable Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system using various platforms and technologies. MLM systems can be complex, involving multiple levels of network marketing, commission structures, and user management. Here's a general overview of how you could approach building such a system on different platforms:

WordPress (WooCommerce, LearnPress):

  • You can utilize WordPress as the base CMS and integrate WooCommerce for handling product sales and LearnPress for educational content if needed.
  • Look for MLM plugins that are compatible with WooCommerce. These plugins can help manage your MLM network, track referrals, and calculate commissions.
  • Custom development might be needed to handle specific MLM compensation plans or other unique features.



  • Drupal is another content management system you could use for building your MLM system.
  • You'll need to research and potentially develop custom modules to implement the MLM functionality.
  • Integrating with Drupal Commerce can help you handle product sales and transactions.



  • Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that can be extended to accommodate MLM features.
  • You might need to create custom extensions or utilize existing ones to build the MLM structure.
  • Ensure the MLM features integrate seamlessly with Magento's product catalog and checkout process.



  • OpenCart is known for its simplicity and ease of use. You can similarly extend it for MLM purposes.
  • Investigate available MLM extensions for OpenCart or develop your own if necessary.



  • Laravel is a PHP framework that can be used to build a custom MLM system from the ground up.
  • This option gives you complete control over the system's architecture, but it requires significant development effort.


Next.js & React.js:

  • Next.js and React.js can be used for building the front end of your MLM system, providing a modern and dynamic user experience.
  • You'll need a back-end to handle the MLM logic and data management, which can be built using any suitable technology stack.

When building a customizable MLM system, consider the following steps:

Define MLM Structure: Determine the compensation plan, commission rates, levels, and other aspects of your MLM system.

User Management: Develop user registration, login, and profile management functionalities.

Referral Tracking: Implement a mechanism to track referrals and genealogy (downline structure) for each user.

Commission Calculation: Develop algorithms to calculate commissions based on sales and referral activities.

E-commerce Integration: Integrate the MLM system with the e-commerce platform of your choice (WooCommerce, Magento, etc.).

Front-end Development: Create user-friendly interfaces for users to view their downlines, earnings, and other relevant information.

Testing and Security: Thoroughly test your system for usability, performance, and security vulnerabilities.

Documentation and Support: Provide clear documentation for users and offer support for any technical issues that may arise.

Different types of MLM plans

Various MLM software providers that offer different types of MLM plans, including Binary, Unilevel, Force Matrix, Board Plan, and Monoline MLM Plan with Woo-Commerce integration. Here are some features that MLM software providers may offer for these plans:

Binary MLM Plan

  • Left and right placement tree structure.
  • Auto or manual placement option.
  • Binary commission calculation based on the weaker leg volume.
  • Pair matching bonus calculation.
  • Binary matching bonus calculation.
  • Binary level commission calculation.


Unilevel MLM Plan

  • Unlimited width structure and limited depth structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Generation bonus calculation.
  • Rank bonus calculation.


Force Matrix MLM Plan

  • A fixed width and depth structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Matrix cycle bonus calculation.


Board Plan MLM

  • A certain number of members are required to fill the board.
  • Board splitting option.
  • Commission calculation based on the board's completion.
  • Re-entry option after board completion.
  • Bonus calculation based on the board's completion.
  • Royalty bonus calculation.


Monoline MLM Plan

  • A single-line tree structure.
  • Commission calculation based on the sales volume of the downline members.
  • Direct referral bonus calculation.
  • Level commission calculation.
  • Monoline matching bonus calculation.


Woo Commerce Integration

  • Integration with Woo-Commerce for e-commerce functionality.
  • Integration with payment gateways for secure transactions.
  • Customized website design.
  • Product management and inventory tracking.
  • Order management and tracking.
  • Customer management and tracking.

It is essential to choose an MLM software provider that offers customized solutions based on the specific MLM plan and business requirements. Additionally, ensuring that the software is user-friendly, scalable, and provides excellent support and maintenance services is crucial.

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