Wp Affiliate - MLM LearnPress Plugins | mlm software plugins, code & scripts Available | UniLevel MLM LearnPress LMS Plugin has an excellent user interface for you to create a course with many options fit your needs. You can find it easy to create an entire curriculum layout and edit and maintain it. You can export course and import to other websites which also use LearnPress. We will release the feature which allows you to import systems from other WordPress LMS plugins soon. Feature of Unilevel MLM LearnPress: Affiliate Or Referral Commission, Join Commission, Level Commission, Company Commission, Regular Bonus.

Wp Afffiliate - MLM LearnPress | Free Demo Affiliate WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) plugins

  • Jitendra Sharma
  • 3rd Jul 2023

Wp Afffiliate - MLM LearnPress Plugins, code & scripts

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Affiliate LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress with commission & Bonus. This is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugins which can be used to easily create & sell courses online. You can create a course curriculum with lessons & quizzes included which is managed with an easy-to-use interface for users. Having this WordPress LMS Plugin, now you have a chance to quickly and easily create education, online school, and online-course websites with no coding knowledge required.


Multi Level Marketing Software

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) functionality with LearnPress, the LMS plugin for WordPress. LearnPress primarily focuses on providing core LMS features for creating and managing online courses.

Learning Management System (LMS) with Unilevel Affiliate Software and eLearning MLM Plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create and manage add and sell Courses, online courses, lessons, quizzes, and other educational content directly from your WordPress website.

As an affiliate, you can promote LearnPress and earn a commission for each sale made through your referral. Many LMS plugins offer affiliate programs to incentivize individuals or businesses to market their products and drive more sales.

To become an affiliate for LearnPress, you would typically need to sign up for their affiliate program, which may be managed through an affiliate network or directly by the plugin’s developers. Once approved, you would receive a unique affiliate link or code that you can share with your audience.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase of LearnPress or any other related products, you would earn a commission based on the agreed-upon terms of the affiliate program. The commission structure and payment terms can vary depending on the specific affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can be a way to monetize your website or blog if you have an audience interested in e-learning, online courses, or WordPress-related topics. However, it’s important to comply with any rules or guidelines set by the affiliate program and to provide genuine and valuable recommendations to your audience.

  • Multiple commission types, including direct and indirect commissions
  • Customizable commission percentages for each affiliate
  • Automatic commission tracking and payout
  • Robust reporting and analytics to track your business growth


Features of Multi-Level Marketing Software for LearnPress

  • Create and manage add and sell Courses, online courses, lessons, and quizzes.
  • Backup and recovery of data is an essential part of running a successful business.
  • Learning Management System – LMS
  • Affiliate or Referral Commission
  • Join Commission
  • Level Commission
  • Company Commission
Mlm LearnPress

Admin Details ( Admin panel – Back-end )

Username : admin@letscms.com

Password : admin@123

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User Details ( User – Front-end )

Username : user1@letscms.com

Password : user1@123

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